Floor Removal

Are you renovating your floors? Do you need someone to remove your old floor carefully/quickly and within a budget? We can take out your old hardwood, tile or carpet and dispose of it. We remove:

  • Nail down, glue down or floating hardwood floor.
  • Tiles in the kitchen/bathroom laundry or hallway.
  • Old carpet from the bedrooms/living room or basement.

Our full range of industry standard quality equipment lets us preform our job with confidence. We own our own tools. No need to rent equipment and charge you extra for it. We have great rates for floor removal.


Whether you are taking out and old kitchen/bathroom or basement we can do the demolition for you. Our expertise in demolition work will make every job go easily and safely. We have all the tools necessary. We will take everything away and leave no mess for you to deal with. It’s not all about destroying stuff either.

Utilizing our skills and extensive knowledge base, we will take things apart in such a way that if we run into obstacles like wiring or plumbing, we will know what to do to get the job done so you the homeowner don’t need to waste time and money making separate calls to finish the work.

As with any demolition or floor removal work we promise to keep your home clean and with as little dust possible. Dust protection around the work site comes free and is standard policy.